Around the world in dance

May 03, 2021

Zumaia is a lively, active town. Whether you go out for a stroll, a drink or to spend time with your family, you’ll always find something to do and ways to enjoy your time thanks to the combination of local shops and restaurants, and the cheerful, enterprising spirit of the people of Zumaia.

The month of May is no different. This is your chance to travel through dance: Polynesia, Andalusia, the Basque Country, the great capitals of the world... a global tour thanks to the Astindu dance association and the Zumaia Local Council's Department of Culture, which are organising the Maiatza Dantzan initiative.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our daily lives upside down. These are difficult times for tourism, because there are more restrictions on travel than ever before. However, health is a priority and we must respect measures and look after each other. Better times will come – even sooner than we think.

When we can't do something in real life, we dream about it. It happens constantly and in different areas of our lives, not least with travel. How many trips have you planned with friends or family over the last few months? Surely many destinations have come up in conversation, and Grenada, Paris or Polynesia will probably be among those options. In May, you can visit them all in Zumaia – without even leaving the town.