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Zumaia is situated in a privileged location on the Guipúzcoa coast, lapped by the sea and nestled in the bay formed by the mouths of the Rivers Urola and Narrondo.

The town is bordered to the north by the Bay of Biscay and to the south by the two Arroa districts, Ibañarrieta and Zestoa. Zestoa is known for both its thermal spa and its famous Ekain caves, whose paintings have enriched mankind's artistic legacy since the dawn of humanity.  To the east is the Askizu district, whose hills stand watch over those entering the town from this direction, and Getaria, a small fishing port and the birthplace of Juan Sebastián Elcano.

On the other side of town, to the west, lie Elorriaga, Itziar and Deba, which offer wonderful views of the magnificent sunsets over the Bizkaia coast.

As regards population, Zumaia is neither very big nor very small, and has around 10.000 inhabitants. Despite its modest size, however, the town offers all the services and facilities required to make it an agreeable place to live and visit - a calm enclave in which to escape the stress and noise of big city life. Nevertheless, its streets are made lively by the town’s many children, who bring the enthusiasm and energy of youth to this quiet coastal settlement.

The majority of the population live in the town centre, although a number of smaller districts exist both within and outside the main built-up area.

Itzurun, beach Zumaia