The way of St. James

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Zarautz - Getaria - Zumaia - Deba (Gipuzkoa)

Km 0 ZARAUTZ. From the historic quarter, walk around 100 metres along the GI 2633 towards Meaga. Turn right up the Aldapeta slope, the old road that once linked Zarautz with Getaria. Walk up the slope, passing the Vista Alegre neighbourhood on the left and (almost at the top) the Santa Bárbara Chapel on the right, on top of a small hillock. After continuing along a short section of cement track, continue up the path until the village of Getaria comes into view. The path now runs along an asphalted road surrounded by vineyards, until it joins the GI 3391 road which leads down into the town. After passing the cemetery, leave the road at a sharp bend. Finally, the path continues down Loramendi slope to the Town Hall.

Km 4.2 GETARIA. Leave the town by walking up Herrerieta Street, and then continue along the Askizu Roman road to the Gaintza and Agerregitxiki farmhouses. To the right of Agerregitxiki, the track continues for around 500 metres, before joining the GI 3392 road which leads on to the Azkizu neighbourhood.

Km 6.4 ASKIZU. From San Martín Chapel, follow the road which leads to the Arano farmhouse. At the fork in the road, take the right-hand track. The path initially runs level for a while, before leading down towards Zumaia, which you will see in front of you. After passing Orroaga Cove on the left, the path leads down to the N 634. Cross the road and take the path that passes in front of Santiago Chapel and the Zuloaga Museum, before continuing on to the pedestrian bridge which spans the River Urola. The route now leads past Itsas Kiroldegia to the Paseo de Gernika. Follow this path to another pedestrian bridge, this time spanning the River Narrondo, and then continue along Sorazu and Nagusia Streets to the Town Hall.

Km 9.5 ZUMAIA. Walk along Arritokieta Street to the chapel which bears the same name and the cemetery.  From here, an asphalted road leads upwards, providing a wonderful view over Zumaia and the coast. The path then runs level for a while, past the Andika farmhouses. When the road turns left, continue straight on along a path that climbs upwards at first (follow the red and white GR 121 markings) and then levels out, before climbing a steep slope and then leading down to the Galarreta recreational area. Continue along the asphalted road until you reach San Sebastián Chapel.

Km 13.1 ELORRIAGA. Follow the path down until you come to the N 634. Cross the road and take the asphalted path you see in front of you. At the top of the hill, after a steep slope, turn right along a cement path. Continue on along this path for 200 metres, then turn right onto a dirt track. This track runs level until it reaches Zubeltzuzar farmhouse. Here, turn right and continue on until you reach the N634. 400 metres along this road, you will pass Santuaran bar. Cross over a bridge spanning the A-8 motorway and, opposite the remains of an old quarry (on your right as you walk along), take one cement track which leads down to another. Now turn left (follow the yellow and white PR GI 45 marks) and continue on to the bend just before Usabarartza farmhouse. After going through a narrow pass, continue on along the path which climbs upwards, until you meet the N634 again at Alto de Itziar. Cross the road and take the GI 3210, which continues upwards. Turn right off this road near Hotel Kanala, and continue up to the village centre.

Km 18.3 ITZIAR. After passing Our Lady of Itziar Church, take the cement track which slopes down past the cemetery. At the crossroads of the Antsorregi farmhouses, continue on to the Olloki crossroads and turn left down a long, sharp slope. Around 100 metres after passing San Roke Chapel on your left, turn right onto the old road which runs to the DEBA Town Hall (Km 21.3).