Cliffs and Beaches

Cliffs and tidal plain

Stretching from Itzurun Beach in Zumaia to the neighbouring town of Deba, a series of strata formations rise vertically from the sea, creating a unique, magical landscape. At low tide, a large abrasion platform teaming with life is revealed at the base of these cliffs, testament to the incessant erosion of the sea. Nestled at the base of these cliffs, which are known as flysch, lies Algorri or Aitzgorri beach. Much more remote and hidden than Zumaia’s other beaches and much lesser known, this beautiful spot has little sand and its rocks are submerged under the sea every time the tide comes in. Due to its great beauty, however, it is nevertheless well worth a visit, especially in summer as the sun goes down over distant Matxitxako.

Santiago Beach

At the point at which the River Urola empties its waters, so rich in history and with echoes of old ironworks, into the sea, lies Arenal de Santiago, a wide sandy area which once served as a much welcomed resting place on the old coastal pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela. The area is now a large sandy beach with calm waters ideal for bathing. As the sand encroaches on the sea, so the dunes which form a special ecosystem supporting over 50 different plant species also grow.

Santiago hondartza, Zumaia

Itzurun Beach

Opening directly out into the Bay of Biscay, under the watchful eye of the chapel dedicated to Saint Elmo, the patron saint of sailors, and enveloped in a spectacular series of vertical strata, this beach has been awarded a Blue Flag and its dark sands offer stunning views over the whole of the Bizkaia coast, all the way to Matxitxako. It is also said that its sand and water are beneficial for the health, due to their high iodine content.

Itzurun hondartza, Zumaia

The Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark

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