Land meets sea in the cuisine of Zumaia

Jun 16, 2022

Once you’re in Zumaia, it’s hard to miss the town’s gastronomy. Zumaia's cuisine showcases the best products the town has to offer. We are increasingly recognised for the quality of the ingredients we use (especially fish, seafood, top meats and outstanding fruits and vegetables) as well as for the skill of our chefs, and the wide range of recipes and surprising dishes available.

Seafood restaurants, pincho bars, and traditional barbecue grills are all to be found here. Whatever you choose, your tastebuds will remember it forever.

Zumaia is surrounded by fertile land, where the cattle provide excellent meat and milk and the gardens produce superlative fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, the coastline is dominated by the Bay of Biscay, home to tasty seafood and fish. And by combining what the sea and the land have to offer, we get the flavour of Zumaia – a fusion between the salt of the sea and the flavours of the earth.

When it comes to seafood, octopus is undoubtedly king. In times when the people of Zumaia experienced famine, they turned to seafood and fish in the tidal plains. This is the origin of the close connection between Zumaia and the octopus.

Although it arose out of necessity, today octopus is Zumaia's favourite delicacy – we even dedicate a special day to it. There are countless recipes around, but octopus soup is the most authentic. Try it and let its tentacles surprise you!

We have exceptional gastronomy thanks, in large part, to our special natural environment. The lands of Zumaia provide a great variety of products, all of them of the very best quality. You can find rich, varied gastronomy and fresh produce in any of the local markets and supermarkets. Zumaia offers a wide range of local products, with quality guaranteed. Of all these products, the tomato deserves a mention. The fields in and around the area offer something special when preparing local, tasty salads...

We know you don't have the stomach space to sample everything, but try to take your time and enjoy a pintxo, lunch or dinner – always accompanied by excellent local drinks, of course! The flavour of Zumaia will stay with you forever.