Spring Has Sprung in the Geopark

Apr 18, 2023

After the months of autumn and winter, after all the cold and rain, it is now spring, the season when landscapes fill with colour, and flowers unfold their buds, offering a wide spectrum of colours to delight the eye.

This time of year also brings with it a strong dose of optimism and joy. Therefore, spring is usually one of people’s favourite seasons, especially for lovers of excursions and trips. Zumaia is one of the ideal destinations to visit in spring. With its extensive range of guided tours, you can fill your leisure time with culture, history and fun.

If you’ve chosen spring to visit this town, congratulations!  You’ll have plenty of activities to choose from, and between April and June the days are longer, and temperatures can be ideal.

Zumaia also offers numerous events that make visits even more appealing: the San Telmo Festivities, when, right after Holy Week, the town dresses up to celebrate its maritime heritage; the Maiatza Dantzan dance festival, the Geoparks Week, the Craft Fair, and the Feast Day of St. John.

The Geopark and the Coast

The Basque Coast’s Geopark is a small territory wedged between the Cantabrian Sea and the Basque mountains, formed by the municipalities of Deba, Mutriku and Zumaia, where geological features are the true focal points of the scenery. The Flysch on the coast, and the Karst inland, reveal two of the most impressive phases in the Earth’s history, while also constituting very curious landscapes.

To learn about this history you have many options: you can do so on your own, thanks to the panels located at the points of interest, or you can take advantage of the Geopark’s extensive range of guided tours, which offers you the chance to discover the whole territory of the Geopark, the coast, and the inland areas, both by boat and on foot; and to learn about the local cuisine and culture, to enjoy time with family ... and, don’t forget that you can contract "tailor-made" visits that will satisfy all your needs.

Two experiences stand out among this wide set of offerings, as they are unique in the world: The Abrasion Platform (Rasa Mareal) and The Enigma of Basque language (El Enigma del Euskera).

The Abrasion Platform

This is a surprising biological tour that can only be conducted when the tide is very low. Accompanied by a specialized guide, we’ll discover the enormous variety of species here and the adaptation mechanisms that allow them to live in the complex ecosystem of the tidal flats, the rocky platform that emerges at the foot of the cliffs formed by the Flysch, inhabited by species such as starfish, octopus, sea cucumbers and spotted sea hares; a whole world of life and colour within our reach.

You can visit this area without a guide, but we strongly advise against it, unless you don't mind being caught off guard by a rising tide, leaving you stranded on the rocks. It is truly dangerous to move around this area without the locals’ help and knowledge. And you’ll see nothing but rocks, as the ability of the native fauna to camouflage and disappear is impressive. Thus, the help of a guide is essential to explore this area.


The Enigma of the Basque Language

Do you want to learn about one of the most ancient cultures in Europe and learn how to say some basic words in Basque, one of the oldest languages on the Continent? On this guided tour through the historic quarter of Zumaia, you’ll discover unknown aspects of Basque culture, language, mythology, sports and traditions; have a chance to visit the old fish auction room, and to try a typical pintxo.

You can view and book all guided tours on the Geopark website throughout the year. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a unique land just when it is in full bloom. It’ll be double the fun!