A Family plan involving sport and nature

Water sports and traditional Basque sport, all in one day - while at the same time enjoying the natural landscape.

Photographer: Leire Zearreta


  • Full day plan.
  • Ideal for children and families.
  • Enjoy different sports.
  • Get to know the natural area.
  • Discover new landscapes.


Zumaia offers many different options for enjoying nature and playing sport, both on land and in the water. As well as giving you a chance to get to know the local countryside (beaches, dunes, wetlands and holm oak forests), this plan also includes water sports, sports played on land and traditional Basque sports (both ancient and modern) - all without ever leaving the town of Zumaia! An ideal plan for children! We suggest you spend one part of the day (morning or afternoon) trying your hand at a water sport, and the other half playing a traditional Basque sport. You choose the order that best suits you.  In the middle, you'll need to stop to refuel, so why not enjoy a set lunch menu, individual dish or sandwich in one of Zumaia's many bars and restaurants (in this case, the nearest ones are those located near Santiago Beach or the Marina).

  • We suggest you spend part of the day trying your hand at a water sport. Zumaia's tourist services offer a range of different options, including surfing, body boarding, SUP, kayaking and canoeing (you will need to book in advance).
  • You may decide that that is enough for one day, but we believe you really should make the most of the opportunity to try a traditional Basque sport that is as ancient as it is popular today: Basque pelota. You can purchase a pelota ball at the Zumaia Tourist Information Centre and then all you need to do is choose one of the frontones (pelota courts) in the town (Odieta, Lubaki or Larretxo) or walk to the one located in the Aradi neighbourhood (just follow the road that leads to Artadi). What better way to spend an afternoon with children?
  • And if you fancy a longer walk, why not carry on from Artadi and then follow the GR-286 footpath (also known as "Araindarri") down to the Oikia neighbourhood, which also has a frontón to play pelota. To return to Zumaia, catch a bus on the UK07 line (www.lurraldebus.eus).

Please respect the environment at all times!
Whether you are on the beach, enjoying a walk in the countryside, going on a boat trip or engaging in some kind of outdoor activity, please respect all recommendations regarding nature and the environment, and try, whenever possible, to minimise the impact of other people's carelessness (for example, taking your own litter home with you and picking up that left by others).