Exploring the GEOPARK coast on foot (and by boat)

A self-guided informative hike through the protected biotope which runs between Zumaia and Deba, one of the most spectacular regions of the Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark. In summer, you can also do the trip by boat.

Photographer: Javier Carballo


  • Full day plan.
  • Learn about local geological heritage.
  • Get to know the natural area.
  • Discover new landscapes.
  • Use public transport.
  • Enjoy a guided tour.



The Zumaia-to-Deba section of the GR-121 hiking route (which runs all the way around the province of Gipuzkoa) is extremely well-known for the stunning views that it offers of the local area. It is also popular because it enables walkers to learn about the natural heritage of this area of the Geopark coastline, thanks to the numerous  explanatory panels that have been erected at the side of the footpath (for more information, see the Geopark map).

The plan is as follows:

  • Walk from Zumaia to Deba (about 15 km, always following the white and red GR-121 signs), reading the explanatory panels along the way (download route here). The route offers an unbeatable opportunity to enjoy nature and learn about it at the same time, which is why we recommend that you take it slow, making as many stops as necessary along the way (it should take you approximately 4 hours).
  • If you don't want to return from Deba on foot, you can always go back by train (there is a train from Bilbao to San Sebastián once an hour which stops in Deba and takes you to Zumaia in 15 minutes www.euskotren.eus). In summer, you also have the option of returning on a guided boat tour, thanks to the 'Zumaia-Deba / Deba-Zumaia by boat' trips organised by the Geopark (boats travel in both directions). To choose the best day for this plan, visit the Geopark website (www.geoparkea.eus) which gives the times and dates of the guided tours. In winter your only options for returning to Zumaia are by train or bus.

You can also walk the route in the opposite direction, going to Deba by public transport or guided boat tour and then hiking back. We recommend you take plenty of water for the trip, as well as something to eat, and make sure you have adequate footwear and comfortable clothing.

Please respect the environment at all times!
Whether you are on the beach, enjoying a walk in the countryside, going on a boat trip or engaging in some kind of outdoor activity, please respect all recommendations regarding nature and the environment, and try, whenever possible, to minimise the impact of other people's carelessness (for example, taking your own litter home with you and picking up that left by others).