Geological heritage

Going on a guided walking or boat tour will help you discover more about Zumaia's geological heritage, and well as enabling you to learn about and enjoy the health benefits of the local seawater.

Photographer: Ainara García


  • Full day plan.
  • Learn about local geological heritage. Get to know the natural area. Discover new landscapes.
  • Relax in a seawater spa.



One of Zumaia's best-known attractions is its geological heritage. Its unique rock formations are one of the main reasons why it forms part of the Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark, since it is one of the best places in the world to learn about the history of our planet.

We suggest the following plan:

  • First visit the Algorri Visitors' Centre, which explains all about Zumaia's natural heritage (geology, wetlands, dunes, holm oak forests, etc.) and contains an interesting explanatory audiovisual presentation about how the Flysch was formed, as well as a replica of a 6-metre-long ichnofossil.
  • If you want to see the geological outcrop for yourself, you can then climb up to Itzurun beach to enjoy the unique view. Don't forget to read the explanatory panel about the local geological heritage. Next, walk to Algorri point, which affords a view of the entire coastline of the Geopark. On your way down, don't forget to read the panel located in Algorri cove (which explains the K/T boundary), before returning to Zumaia along Ardantzabide Street. If you fancy a longer walk, you can climb from Itzurun up to Talai Mendi (see the path here).
  • To round off the day, why not take a boat trip to explore this magical coastline from the sea? Guided tours are available at (prior booking is a must). There are also companies in Zumaia which offer private tours in sailing boats, kayaks and jet skis (for further information, see the section 'leisure activities').
  • Instead of (or after) a guided tour, you can also enjoy the benefits of the local sea water by having a swim at Itzurun beach or relaxing in the sea water spa at the Zelai Thalassotherapy Hotel.

Please respect the environment at all times!
Whether you are on the beach, enjoying a walk in the countryside, going on a boat trip or engaging in some kind of outdoor activity, please respect all recommendations regarding nature and the environment, and try, whenever possible, to minimise the impact of other people's carelessness (for example, taking your own litter home with you and picking up that left by others).