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Algorri Visitors’ Centre

Juan Belmonte 21
Tel.: 943.14.31.00

Algorri interpretazio zentruaThis museum is designed to help visitors gain a better knowledge and understanding of nature. It contains an exhibition area describing the different ecosystems which exist in this beautiful coastal town. These include: the mouth of the River Urola, the Bedua island and wetlands, the Santiago dunes and the San Miguel oak grove. Special attention is paid to the impressive tidal plain located between Zumaia and Deba (declared a protected biotope) and Zumaia’s surprising cliffs, which are internationally regarded as a geological jewel.

The centre has two floors. On the ground floor there is an auditorium for screening short films and multimedia documents or for holding conferences, a documentation room and a series of classrooms for holding school workshops. The first floor houses a large exhibition area.

Algorri also offers guided tours of both the visitors’ centre itself and the natural areas it focuses on. Interested parties can reserve a tour in advance, and can even arrange for it to be adapted to their specific demands and interests.

Opening hours:

  • January and February: From Tusday to Sunday: 10:00-13:30
  • Mars, April and May: From Tusday to Sunday: 10:00-13:30
  • June, July, August and September: From Tusday to Sunday: 10:00-14:00 / 15:00-18:00
  • October, November and December: From Tusday to Sunday: 10:00-13:30

For groups with a prior reservation, the centre's opening hours are flexible.

  • Entrance fee: €3/person.
  • Groups + 15 people, retired visitors, under 18s and residents of Zumaia: €1.50/person.
  • Children under 6, free entrance.

Z Cultural Space

Santiago auzoa 3 (Near Santiago beach)

Tel.: 677.078.445


A cultura space created by the Basque painter Ignacio Zuloaga to work and exhibit the works of art he himself painted and collectioned during his lifetime. You can visit also the Santiago hermitage, on the Coastal route of the "Camino del Norte", the historical collection and the painter's studio-workshop.

Opening hours

Available all over the year for groups (+ 12 pax) with pre-arranged visit.

Museum of the sculptor Julio Beobide

Julio Beobide ibiltokia s/n
Tel.: 943.14.33.96

Studio and collection of the sculptor from Zumaia, Julio Beobide. The museum is not open to the general public.

San Telmo Mariners’ Guild Hall

Erribera kalea 20
Tel.: 943.14.33.96

Recently reformed, the sales room, which is of great ethnographic interest and unique in the Basque Country, is now open to the public. Throughout the year, the Guild Hall is open to groups with a prior reservation. For more detailed information, contact the Tourist Information Centre (+34943143396).

San Telmo church

San Telmo kalea z.g.
Tel.: 943.14.33.96

This sanctuary stands on the edge of the cliffs that hang over Itzurun Beach. The first written reference to it dates back to 1540. Saint Telmo is the patron saint of sailors, and that is the reason why this sanctuary became the meeting hall for Saint Telmo's Guild of Seafarers in the 17th century.

The architecture is in the popular style. Within can be found a rococo altarpiece from the 18th century, made from wood with no gilding. Marking out the altarpiece are the images of Saint Jacques and Saint Claire; both being made when the town sold th hermitage at the dedication of both saints.

More information at the Tourist Information Centre: +34.943.14.33.96

San Pedro Parish Church

The Parish Church of San Pedro stands on a small hill that overlooks the mouth of the River Urola. The building looks more like a fort than a church, and it is likely that it indeed served as one during times of crisis and danger. The building has two clearly defined sections: one vertical one, formed by a tower with an almost square floor plan, which rises 34 metres above the ground, and one horizontal one, the body of the church itself, whose regular buttresses are the only elements which serve to lighten somewhat the general sobriety of the construction.

Open to visit:

  • Daily: 11.30 - 14:00 h (Sundays 12:00-13:00 h)


  • From Monday to Saturday: 18:00 h
  • Sunday: 11:00 h
  • More information at the tourist office (Tel.: +34.943.14.33.96).

Kantauri Ondare Museoa

Kantauri plaza 5 -behea

Tel.: 688.63.26.57

This small museum contains great treasures related to ships and the naval industry. It shows, among other things, pieces that can usually only be seen in movies;  ancient compasses, anchors, rudders, etc.

It is an obvious example of the importance that the industry has now and has had in the past in Zumaia and, in particular, of the significant presence of the marine engine industry.

5 Stops in History

"5 Stops in History" is a great plan to enjoy as a family, discounts at museums, games and a draw for the whole family to enjoy the Urola Valley.

For more information download pdf here or visit

The Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark

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