In Basque we say ...

Jul 23, 2021

Euskal Herria, the Basque Country, has its own language, which is completely different from Spanish, the other official language. In fact, Basque, or euskera, does not resemble any other language in the world, and is the oldest still used.

This is why Basque is of special value; it is the reflection of our identity, our culture and our history. Although we know little about its origins, you can still discover its secrets. In Basque there is no word for "free", we say musutruk, meaning "in exchange for a kiss". The truth is that hearing visitors speak or use words fills us with positivity and pride.

So, to make it easier for you, we have launched, together with the towns of Urola Kosta (Aia, Getaria, Orio and Zarautz), the Welcome to Euskera Country campaign, through which we aim to focus the Urola Kosta region's tourism offerings on the Basque language and identity. We want to share Basque with visitors so that they can enjoy the experience of being in a euskaldun (Basque-speaking) town.

In bars and restaurants you will find table menus with greetings in Basque, and some short expressions translated into other languages. And at lodgings there will be papers helping you to handle conversations that may arise, such as ordering breakfast, or requesting Wi-Fi service, in Basque.

We are a people who live in Basque. Take the opportunity to discover one of the oldest languages in Europe by learning a few words. If you also dare to use them during your stay ... you will win our hearts forever! In Basque there is no horizon, there is ortzimuga, which means the "limit of the sky". And that is precisely the only limit that you will find in Zumaia, and in Euskera country.