Mobility in Zumaia: debunking the myth of parking difficulties

Jun 09, 2024

From our corner on the Basque Coast, Zumaia stands out not only for its impressive geological formations and rich heritage but also as an accessible and welcoming place. Despite what you might have heard, finding parking in our town is not as difficult as it seems. Today, we want to show you how Zumaia is improving mobility by offering various parking options so that both visitors and residents can enjoy a pleasant walk and a genuine connection with our community.

The reality of parking in Zumaia

Contrary to popular belief, Zumaia has worked hard to provide both free and paid parking areas that are easily accessible. Additionally, you’ll find yourself enjoying the true essence of Zumaia on foot, thanks to our more than 8 km of pedestrian paths that weave through the town and its surroundings (although in reality, distances between points of interest can be covered in no more than 10 minutes).

Free and paid parking areas

Near the center and surroundings: we have several areas where you can park for free or for a minimal fee, all just a few minutes' walk from the heart of the town. This includes the area near the marina, where, in addition to parking, you can take a shuttle boat that takes you directly to the center for a very low cost (enjoying a unique view of the landscape from the water while easing traffic in charming spots). [Learn more]

Experience Zumaia: benefits of pedestrian mobility

  • Connection with locals: walking through Zumaia not only offers comfortable urbanism for pedestrians but also provides the perfect opportunity to interact with locals and experience our hospitality (and perhaps hear one of Europe’s linguistic gems: Euskera!).
  • Health and environment: walking not only reduces your carbon footprint but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unexpected discoveries: moving around on foot allows you to discover hidden gems, such as charming cafés, local shops, and spectacular views that you might miss by car.

Want to make the most of your visit? here are some tips

  • Look for mobility and parking information before you come: or visit the tourist office when you arrive.
  • Arrive early and, if possible, during the off-season: this ensures parking availability and allows you to enjoy the town calmly and without rush.
  • Plan a flexible itinerary: allow yourself time for spontaneous explorations, which are especially recommended in such a special, welcoming, and pedestrian-friendly environment.

Principles of responsible tourism in Zumaia

Visiting our town is an opportunity to enjoy its natural and cultural beauty, but it is also a moment to practice responsible tourism. Respect for our community and environment is fundamental, and there are several ways you can contribute positively during your stay.

Adaptation and respect for local customs

  • Cultural integration: the best way to enjoy Zumaia is to embrace its local customs and traditions. For example, do you want to spend a day at the beach? instead of driving, why not walk and enjoy the stroll through the town?
  • Respectful behavior: we ask that you act with respect and courtesy, avoiding behaviors that may be seen as offensive or inconsiderate.

Promoting the use of public transport and sustainability

  • Local transport (shuttle): we promote the use of public transport to minimize environmental impact. Our shuttle boat connecting the marina with the center is an example of how you can enjoy the surroundings sustainably.
  • Public transport access: if you are staying in a place accessible by public transport, we invite you to come to Zumaia using that means. Both the train and the bus allow travel to and from Zumaia every half hour. You will avoid parking and enjoy the surroundings during the trip. [Learn more]

Support for the local economy and culture

  • Local gastronomy and shops: we encourage you to try our gastronomy and support Zumaia’s cultural expressions and local commerce. This not only enriches your experience as a visitor but also fosters the development of a strong and diverse local economy.

Responsible tourism in Zumaia

Adopting these principles not only enhances your experience as a tourist but also contributes to the conservation and well-being of Zumaia. Responsible tourism is a commitment we take seriously, and by following these guidelines, you will be helping to preserve the beauty and integrity of this special and authentic place.