Unknown treasures

Zumaia is more than geology and flysch. It hides treasures that few people know. Do you want to become one of them?



  • Half day or full day plan
  • Possibility of discovering intangible heritage.
  • It can be reached by public transport.
  • Gives the possibility of visiting not crowded places.



Zumaia is well known for its natural and geological heritage and its landscapes.

But it also hides treasures that few people know about. You can be one of the first to discover them!

- Basque language and culture.

Zumaia is one of the most "Basque speaking" towns in the world! Most of its citizens live daily in Euskera, a reality that can be found in few places.

For this reason, and because our language is also unique in the world, the Zumaia City Council has created a guided tour that allows you to get to know Euskera and Basque culture very closely.

Book on the www.geoparkea.eus website. If you cannot find the date that suits your needs, you can book a private visit.

An hour and a half will be enough to learn a lot about this unknown country!
- Industrial and maritime heritage

The first shipyards in Zumaia were built in the 16th century. Since then, this industry and others that have emerged in the surrounding area, have been the main engine of its economy and one of the reasons why Zumaia is such an attractive place.

For this reason, it is essential to underline the importance that these activities have had in the history of Zumaia in order to get to know it in depth.

That's why some panels have been placed at different points ilustrating some of these activities, so that whoever walks through Zumaia can make an interpreted tour.

If you are interested in knowing this heritage in more detail, you can visit the  www-ziiz.eus website.