San Telmo church

San Telmo kalea z.g.
Tel.: 943.14.33.96

This sanctuary stands on the edge of the cliffs that hang over Itzurun Beach. The first written reference to it dates back to 1540. Saint Telmo is the patron saint of sailors, and that is the reason why this sanctuary became the meeting hall for Saint Telmo's Guild of Seafarers in the 17th century.

The architecture is in the popular style. Within can be found a rococo altarpiece from the 18th century, made from wood with no gilding. Marking out the altarpiece are the images of Saint Jacques and Saint Claire; both being made when the town sold th hermitage at the dedication of both saints.

Throughout the year, the Churchl is open only for guided tours with a prior reservation (tel. 657794677).

In summer (from 15th juin to 15th september), it is usually open to the public.

More information at the Tourist Office: +34.943.14.33.96