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Photo: Carlos de Clos
Photo: Carlos de Clos

Basque gastronomy is renowned worldwide, and to a large extent this is thanks to the quality of the local produce it uses. We live in an ever-more globalised society, and although the produce used could come from any corner of the world, the produce from our region forms the basis of Basque cuisine. And we are very proud of it!

In doing so, we promote the local economy and agriculture, local development, improving our quality of life and, in turn, offering tourists an unbeatable experience.

In Zumaia and the Urola Kosta area, we cook exquisite dishes with local produce. Do you fancy trying any of them? Come along, don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it!


Kosta Gastronomika: pleasure for all the senses


Taste, hear, see, touch and smell: we want you to enjoy different experiences through all the senses. And now you can, thanks to the Kosta Gastronomika initiative, which encompasses all the tourist and gastronomic options the Urola Kosta district has to offer, in particular the towns of Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Orio and Aia.

The glowing embers of the fire bring out the authentic flavour of the food, signalling that it’s time to eat with an unmistakable scent that infiltrates every corner of the streets. The squares and streets come to life with barbecues everywhere... We’re talking about the parrilla. You can see this type of grill in many bars, restaurants and corners around the region. That’s why it’s considered the main local ambassador. In addition, each locality has its own representative: Getaria has txakoli wine, Orio has sea bream, Zarautz has its market, Aia has cheese and Zumaia has octopus from the flysch.

However, the Kosta Gastronomika initiative is about more than just the product itself. It provides visitors with a total of 16 experiences related to these products. So, here are the experiences that will allow you to get to know these ambassadors up close:

  • In Getaria you can enjoy Txakolí de Getaria, the Maritime Experience and Discover Ezkurtxerri Pork.
  • Orio offers you the chance to sample sea bream thanks to the Orio-Style Sea Bream experience.
  • As for Aia, it has the following experiences: Cheese of Aia, Local Products Corner, Txotx Menu, The Sparkle of Txakolí and Poteo’ in the Bars of Aia.
  • In Zarautz you’ll find four more experiences: Zarautz Market, The Sparkle of Txakolí for Families, Txotx Experience and ‘Poteo’ in the bars "Lagun Artean".
  • In the case of Zumaia, we have three experiences for you and your family. In the first, The Octopus of the Flysch, the star is (as the name suggests) octopus. Along the coast of the Geopark, we’ll discover ancient fishing techniques and the culinary tradition of catching octopus from the flysch. To round off this unforgettable experience, we’ll sample delicious pintxos and txakolí wine. In the second experience, The Enigma of the Basque Language, you’ll learn about one of the oldest cultures in Europe, visit a fish market and sample txakoli wine accompanied by a pintxo. Finally, we offer you the Secrets of the Basque Farmhouse experience; visit an authentic Basque farmhouse and meet the owners while sampling cider and cheese.


All these experiences can be booked at the tourist office in each town (more information on the website www.kostaldea.eu), while two first activities in Zumaia are available also on the website www.geoparkea.eus.

Come and liberate your senses!