Responsible tourism

When you visit Zumaia, help us take care of our enviroment, generating the least possible impact

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Rersponsible tourist principles:

  1. Whenever it possible choose tour operators, airlines and hotels which respect environment and human rights.
  2. Turn off the tap, switch off the air conditioning or even heating and lights when you get out of accommodation. You will help to save up water and energy, which are scarce resources on the earth
  3. Try always to adapt to customs and habits of the arriving destination, without prevailing yours.
  4. Although you have already paid your holiday, respect each place rules. Don’t feel privileged.
  5. Establish proper relationships with locals avoiding prejudices.
  6. Use always public means of transport, you’ll help to preserve environment
  7. Try and enjoy local gastronomy. Your own food will always be there.
  8. Support cultural demonstrations, area products and local craft.
  9. Do not leave footprint on your path neither trash; keep on your pocket till you found a bin.
  10. Don not leave “souvenirs” from natural or archaeological sites.
  11. In natural reserves Stay on the marked hiking paths, leave the flowers
    and wild life in peace.
  12. Locals are not part of the landmark; ask them for permission to take a photo
  13. Visit each place with an expert, better with a local tour guide.

Download here the "Responsible tourist guide"