A stroll through the sights of Zumaia

Jul 08, 2021

When visiting a new place, we all search for information and photos of the place online. As well as practical information, we want to know where to get the best snapshots. Admit it, you did the same before coming to Zumaia! That's why we want to tell you where you can take the best photos. But be warned, you’ll need to bring spare memory cards!

If you arrive in Zumaia by car, there is free parking at the entrance to the town. You’ll reach the centre in just a few minutes, and during the walk you’ll get some excellent views of the town. On the one hand, if you park near the Tourist Office, you’ll come face to face with Zumaia. Although it’s a common sight, the predominant presence of the parish of San Pedro never gets old. The same will happen if you park at the marina and see the views from there.

After parking, the best thing to do is to head towards the town: the Cantabrian Sea awaits. When you reach Itzurun Beach, lean out on the balcony and look to the left: the Algorri cliffs are full of caves (see if you can make out the silhouettes of elephants), and meanwhile surfers ride the waves. To the right, you’ll see a row of rocks and people fishing for octopus on the wave-cut platform. To complete the scene, the “golden spikes” in the flysch, which mark the geological stratotypes, make Itzurun a stand-out beach.

You can also see the hermitage of San Telmo. The hermitage and the views that can be admired from it are well known – you've undoubtedly seen several photos already. Now it’s your turn to see it for yourself. From here or from the top of Algorri you can enjoy unique vistas of Zumaia.

It's time to go up high. As you walk through the town’s streets, two towers are visible at all times; one of them is the Foronda Palace and the other is the parish of San Pedro. Foronda is Zumaia’s cultural centre. It has an unbeatable location that offers different views of the town. As well as being the centre of the town, the parish was also once a bastion against attacks from the sea. That's why you'll find a spectacular 360-degree view here!

If you want even more altitude, there’s somewhere you should know about: the Camino de Santiago heading towards Getaria. Get your trainers and start walking! To get to the Camino de Santiago, after leaving the pedestrian bridge over the Narrondo river, we must go round the estuary next to the Z Cultural Space. Here you begin the ascent up to Askizu. As you go up, you’ll come upon magnificent views over Zumaia to the left, and over txakoli vineyards to the right. 100% recommended!